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Copenhagen Sparkling Company Rød 5%

Copenhagen Sparkling Company Rød 5%
DKK  139,00

...is our interpretation of an organic sparkling rosé. It has a delightful bitterness, balanced with crisp notes of red berries. RØD is the perfect choice for light servings such as appetizers, seafood, fish and white/light meat dishes. The main ingredients are organic green, white, black and herbal teas, with a base of white wine and a dash of o …

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The vision of RØD was to create a drier taste with lower sweetness to give a refreshing experience. The answer to this was found in the hibiscus flower, which quickly became the main denominator of RØD. Impacting taste, texture and color, and resulting in a sparkling drink perfect for the summer.

RØD enjoys the added bonus of being lower in alcohol, and thereby less heavy on the head, when enjoyed it in the sun!

Hibiscus has the same impact, as the blue grape has on rosé in the world of wine. The longer we let it soak, the more dry and red it becomes. This is carefully adjusted together with 9 other teas, which add the delicate notes of wild berries, a crisp undertone, and a long finish thanks to the black teas.

Apart from being the perfect summer sipper and aperitif, RØD also pairs beautifully with the Nordic cuisine of fish and seafood. Alternatively it pairs well with white meats or dishes of more oriental character, thanks to the bitter side.

We always recommend that you enjoy RØD in a tall champagne glass at 5 degrees. Of course in the sun if possible – where any drink just tastes a bit better!


Sparkling Tea RØD is here to make your summer just a little better. bringing the classic Spritzer to a new level.

Thanks to the complexity and deep character of Sparkling Tea RØD, it will bring your summer Spritz to a new level. Giving it a deeper, less sweet and more aromatic taste. Still keeping the refreshing effect needed in the sun!

Sparkling Tea Spritzer

5cl Aperol (or similar spritz)

7-10cl RØD Sparkling Tea

Garnish: lemon or orange peel


Copenhagen Sparkling Tea Company is essentially what the name says:
We are a Copenhagen-based company and we produce Sparkling Tea.
So, what is Sparkling Tea, you might ask?

Sparkling Tea is a somewhat new type of beverage targeted at those of you who refuse to indulge in mediocre, mass-produced low-quality beverages from conventional producers whom try to fill us with all sorts of chemicals and hollow promises of a better life.

Not us. We only use the finest ingredients – organic obviously – when we produce our one-of-a-kind delicious teas. Our entire process is overseen by carefully selected staff who understand the importance of creating a truly unique product which, honestly, is a lovechild born from the desire to produce the World's best low- and non-alcoholic beverage. We are tempted to promise that you can taste the amount of love and dedication we put into it but that's ultimately for you to decide.

The mastermind behind Sparkling Tea is Jacob Kocemba – an award-winning sommelier who can also call himself 'the World's best waiter' – an impressive title he won in 2009. Jacob has spent all his life in the restaurant business helping famous venues such as Herman at Nimb to the coveted Michelin star. Jacob's many years of experience and his renowned taste palette are definitely the company's invaluable point of difference and seal of top quality.

To guide him through the dangerous waters of a new start-up and to ensure a sink-proof vessel for the future, Jacob has teamed up with Bo Sten Hansen – a business savvy senior with an impressive track-record from the likes of Deloitte and PFA Pension where he led a division of 80 staff. Bo also adds a burning desire to succeed and to make a mark internationally with the ground-breaking Sparkling Teas from the city of Copenhagen.

Why start a new career with tea?

The grand idea of Sparkling Tea came from Jacob, however, it was the mutual fascination of tea, which brought the founders, Bo and Jacob, together.

The history of tea dates back to ancient times and has proven a vast catalogue of use, variations and nuances. Combined with a strong innovative drive and the rising Nordic gastronomic scene, the two founders created Copenhagen Sparkling Tea Company. Where the same fascination and drive still lie at the heart of the company.

The pride and respect, which both founders have for the product and the industry, clearly shines through on their faces, but also in the taste of each bottle of Sparkling Tea. Everyday aiming to create World's best low-/non-alcoholic sparkling drink.

There is no easy way when it comes to producing Sparkling Tea. The process is complex and therefore needs care and precision. The nuanced and long taste of Sparkling Tea comes down to the fine adjustment of 3 key elements: the selection of teas, the time intervals and the temperature.

A bottle of Sparkling Tea can contain up to 13 different teas, where every tea is brewed under different temperatures and time intervals to extract the perfect flavour. If the leaves are left soaking just minutes too long or the temperature is just slightly wrong, it will impact the whole batch. Needless to say, the entire process is made by hand, based on craftsmanship and a high-level of skill and expertise.

To ensure extraction of the perfect flavours from the teas, leaves are left soaking in first hot then cold water for an extensive period of time. Whereafter, a base of either white wine or grape juice is added, plus a dash of freshly squeezed lemon juice to balance the taste and give a vinous expression. After bottling they are left for some months, where the tastes gather and become more well rounded.

Type Champagne/mousserende
Land Danmark
Område Sjælland
Producent Copenhagen Sparkling Company
Producent Copenhagen Sparkling Company
Dyrkningsmetode Økologisk
Proptype Champagneprop
Alkoholprocent 5,00%
Flaskestørrelse 3/4 ltr
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